Why Trivalent?


About Trivalent Group

Bringing Together the Best of Technology and Business

More than 700 organizations trust Trivalent Group with their technology infrastructure. It’s a trust hard-earned through a relentless dedication to putting our clients’ missions – not their technology – at the center of their business.

Backed by a tenured group of engineers, technicians, and consultants, Trivalent clients have the confidence they need to pursue their organizational goals, knowing their technology is easy, reliable, and predictable.

As business-to-business technology has evolved from networking personal computers together to “living in the cloud,” Trivalent Group has been a leader every step of the way, helping clients manage technical complexity and improve overall performance.

With roots dating back from 1971 to the Trivalent Group of today, the story of Trivalent is the story of bringing the best together. As we progress into our fourth decade, the three-way bond between our people, our clients, and our technology partners is stronger than ever. It’s why we’re Michigan’s leading provider of managed services, cloud, cyber security, managed networks, and business continuity. Additionally, through a unique combination with Rehmann, a top 40 accounting and advisory firm, we have expanded our capabilities. Together, we help our clients meet their growing technology and business demands at any stage in their lifecycle.