Managed IT Solutions

Managed Networks

Trivalent Group is a carrier-agnostic telecommunications provider offering the maximum reach for your connectivity through our partners’ fiber, wireless, and cloud-enabled solutions. Organizations of all sizes look to Trivalent to design, build, and manage their networks 24x7x365.

  • Our most popular Managed Network service combines network design, vendor management, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance into a single monthly bill.
  • Multi-location networks support your organization across its multiple locations.
  • High Availability networks provide instant failover to another carrier’s network.
  • Wireless Internet Backup networks keeps you connected to the Internet in the event of a primary Internet connection failure.
  • Internet connectivity not only connects your organization to the public Internet, it also provides value-added security services and spam and content filtering.
  • WAN/SD-WAN solutions
  • Fixed wireless solutions
  • Infrastructure
  • DNS services
  • Network optimization and security

Trivalent Group Managed Networks

Best-in-Class Access to the Internet, Key Data, and Applications

What good is having applications and data in the cloud if you can’t access them? And what good is that access if it underperforms or is not properly supported?

Whether it’s linking your organization’s multiple locations together or providing Internet connectivity, networks are the backbone of a modern business—giving employees access to critical data and applications.

And Trivalent Group’s Managed Network solution ensures that your backbone stays strong and healthy, delivering superior performance and unparalleled network support.

From network design, vendor management, hardware installation and infrastructure development to ongoing monitoring, billing analysis and problem resolution; a simple monthly fee eliminates the headaches and hassles of managing your network.

Our proven, experienced team brings years of project management and provisioning expertise to every project.

What’s Included in a Trivalent Managed Network Service?

Network Design and Implementation

  • Basic network infrastructure design and installation
  • Managed router and firewall
  • Proactive bandwidth capacity management and planning
  • Traffic monitoring and reporting
  • Cable management

Ongoing Monitoring and Management

  • Service level agreements, including contractually guaranteed response and resolution times
  • 24x7x365 support by network operations professionals
  • Ongoing network updates
  • Vendor management
  • Asset management and documentation
  • Blended carriers rolled into a single, accurate bill

Multi-location Network (WAN) Services

Multi-location networks provide the bandwidth you need for efficient communication across multiple locations. Whether it’s inter-office collaboration or access to remote data, Trivalent Group can provide high-speed connectivity through DS 1 (T-1), DS 3 (T-3), Point-to-Point circuits, VPNs, National MPLS and Fiber and Copper Ethernet Services.

Unsure about bandwidth requirements? Trivalent network engineers assess your bandwidth needs and provide flexible incremental options.

High-Availability Network

If your organization demands nearly 100% uptime and any network failure means a considerable loss of revenue, then a High Availability Network is for you. With a High Availability Network from Trivalent, you have a redundant network in place with active failure detection and proven, reliable crossover to the backup network.

Wireless Internet Backup

How much does your organization depend on your Internet connection? What is your risk if you lose your Internet connection for an hour during peak business hours? Trivalent Group offers an affordable wireless backup connection that seamlessly fails over if your primary Internet connection goes down. We also offer primary wireless connections if a wired connection is not available for your business.

Internet Connectivity

In addition to delivering Internet connectivity, Trivalent Group provides support services including spam and content filtering and Internet security.

Our world-class vendor partnerships enable Trivalent to provide our clients with the very best solutions to meet their needs — even delivering blended vendor solutions without any added complexity. Through our Network Operations Center, we support thousands of installed circuits and Ethernet connections.

Trivalent Carrier Vendor Partners:

Additional Trivalent Support Services

Trivalent also offers the following services for complete coverage and support of your IT infrastructure: