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Protect your business. Take control of your security.

When it comes to cyber security, you have to think of it as a journey, not just a destination. Trivalent Group’s Proactive Cyber Defense Suite is a concise and practical collection of solutions that focus on protecting your organization from itself, guiding you through that journey. We have searched and found the best solutions while working with vendors to provide tools in a simple subscription that will immediately benefit your organization, affordably.

This suite addresses four key areas of the overall security posture to ensure that your users are educated and tested as well as monitored and managed in such a way that your data will be more protected than ever:

  • User Awareness Training and Controlled Phishing Tests

Did you know that the leading vector of malware entering an organization is through phishing emails? With simulated phishing tests that assess your users’ susceptibility to opening potentially dangerous emails, you have the opportunity to train users the right way. You will be provided with a library of online training modules where you can also track your users’ progress.

  • Anywhere Web-Content Filtering and Advanced Malware Protection

Do you control where your employees visit on the Internet while they are in the office? How about when they are outside the office and working remotely? This anywhere web-content control takes care of that while also blocking any suspicious or malicious traffic from a user’s computer out to an attacker’s servers or networks if a computer has been infected. This protection prevents “data exfiltration and execution” cold in its tracks.

  • Full Disk Encryption

Have you ever had a laptop or mobile device with corporate data stolen or lost? Our Full Disk Encryption solution protects your data and reduces the risk of a stolen laptop being used to access your network by encrypting the hard drive at the block layer. Potential hackers are rendered unable to boot into Windows without entering the encryption code.

  • Data Governance

Have you ever had your files and folders moved around in your system and don’t have an answer as to how it happened or who did it? Many organizations do not have a firm understanding of security risks, such as set permissions for allowed users to see certain data on the network or the ability to monitor data theft or manipulation. Our data governance solution addresses these risks and provides viability through alerting and reporting of who is accessing your data and what they are doing with it. This easy-to-use tool helps to protect your organization and suppress the spread of any potential malware through timely awareness of anomalous data behavior and reports on all data access that can satisfy even the most rigorous of audits.

Don’t look any further. The Proactive Cyber Defense Suite is THE choice for addressing the challenges of:

  • Malware/cyberattacks penetrating your organization through phishing
  • Remote users having their systems compromised, whether lost or stolen, or through unsafe browsing
  • Advanced malware spread prevention by eliminating infected machines communicating outbound to attackers
  • Full-scale data governance to provide a complete picture of the data movement on your system and the permissions that exist to that data
  • And much, much more