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Would You Be a Survivor or a Statistic?

If your organization had a major interruption and your technology assets were unavailable, what would it take for you to recover? At what cost?

As a leader, acknowledging these challenges means thinking about how to service customers, assessing the safety of your physical locations, to say nothing of protecting and restoring your intangible — yet extremely valuable — digital assets.

At Trivalent, we guide organizations as they mitigate continuity risk and create plans to get back on track as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster. Our comprehensive Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning suite, BIASurvivor (“Be a Survivor”), leads the market in helping executives prioritize their recovery time and objectives.

What is a reasonable amount of downtime for your organization?
How much data loss can you withstand?

Every Trivalent Business Continuity service is customized to your exact needs. Trivalent’s Certified Business Continuity Professionals (CBCPs: the most widely recognized business continuity certification in the world) lead you through a proven process of data collection, risk mitigation, and comprehensive business impact analysis to set continuity goals based on your organizational requirements and risk tolerance. Trivalent can help you think through essential business functions, identify backup facilities, and determine IT recovery strategies in light of:

  • Voice and data interruptions
  • Network failures
  • Data loss or sabotage
  • Virus or malware attacks
  • Physical loss of data center or systems
  • Malicious behavior.

Trivalent clients in business, government, healthcare, financial services, and education manage these continuity plans with the BIASurvivor platform so that, when disaster strikes, they are prepared for a successful disaster recovery execution, minimizing their losses and getting back to business as quickly as possible. BIASurvivor ensures plans are in compliance with regulatory requirements such as FFIEC, FDIC, DRII, and DHS-FEMA

Don’t let your organization be a statistic — plan now for survival.

Additional Trivalent Support Services

Trivalent also offers the following services for complete coverage and support of your IT infrastructure: