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Trivalent Group Inc.


More than 700 organizations of all sizes and from all industries trust Trivalent Group with their technology infrastructure. “It’s a trust hard-earned through a relentless dedication to putting our clients’ missions — not their technology — at the center of their business,” said CEO Larry R. Andrus. As business-to-business technology has evolved from networking personal computers together to “living in the cloud,” Trivalent Group has been a leader every step of the way, he said. With roots dating back from 1971, Trivalent Group has grown into 81-employee operation with five locales. Among its more recent history, in 2016, it created an advisory board consisting of representatives of clients from each of the markets that it services so that Trivalent can better understand how to improve service delivery; in 2016-2017, it invested in sales training for its entire sales staff and related personnel to educate them through lectures and role-playing on how to implement best practices for developing new business; and in 2016, it increased benefits offered to employees and also “trued up” employee compensation if it deviated from the industry standard. Also last year, Trivalent acquired East Lansing-based KI Technology Group, which established a new Capital Area Branch and grew the company’s client base by more than 120 with more than 40 of these customers being new recurring revenue clients to Trivalent. “We take great pride in supporting our local communities and nonprofits through, for example, sponsoring events like ArtPrize, Gilda’s LaughFest and the Michigan Cyber Security Conference, an annual event that we launched in 2014 with the BBB of Western Michigan and currently co-host with the BBB, the West Michigan Cyber Security Consortium and the Michigan SBDC,” Andrus said. Organizations of all sizes are gradually continuing to embrace “the cloud” and all of its benefits, including lower, predictable monthly fees, increased scalability, guaranteed uptime and enhanced security while guarding against increasing cybersecurity risks. “Cybersecurity will continue to be a primary focus area for us, as it is becoming ever more pervasive and necessary to keep our clients informed and secure in this increasingly complex area,” Andrus said.